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Wife Bites Off Husband’s Pe**s For Cheating



Wife Bites Off Husband's Pe**s For Cheating

There is an alleged manhunt for a 38-year-old pregnant wife known as Asifa Nakagolo who bit off her husband’s pe**s for cheating on her with another woman.

The victim, Bashir Mukaire, had spent the night with his concubine whom he says was pregnant with his child.

On his return the next day, his jealous and enraged wife, Asifa, who is also pregnant, viciously attacked him and bit off a major part of his manhood, leaving him in agony and in the pool of his own blood and fled the house.

A concerned neighbor who arrived and saw Mr. Bashir writhing in pain and bleeding seriously called in the medics who came with an ambulance and took him to the emergency unit of a hospital.

The hospital says that Mr. Bashir is in a very critical condition and will not be able to have sex or urinate without a catheter for that rest of his life.

Mr. Bashir is a father of nine children.

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