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Why IPAN spearheaded the outrage that led to suspension of Abia State Chief of Staff – Oliver Okeke



Some days ago, a video showing Dr ABC Agbazuere, the Chief of Staff to Abia state governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, spraying money on prophet Odumeje in his office trended on the social media. The video went almost unnoticed until Igbos For A Progressive Nigeria (IPAN) posted it on their twitter handle. The outrage was immediate and the video went viral as Nigerians both home and abroad condemned the politician and the flamboyant pastor. Most Nigerians, especially, those from Abia State, wondered why the blatant waste of money by the politician while the state is heavily underdeveloped.

Today, ONITSHA GRA finally tracked down Mr Oliver Okeke, the ever-busy Head of Media and the South East coordinator of IPAN, and used the opportunity to find out more about what really transpired.


Could you introduce yourself to Nigerians?

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My name is Mr Oliver Okeke, Head of Media, IPAN worldwide, and South East Coordinator, IPAN

Please explain your role in IPAN?

My role is to coordinate media related issues of IPAN. To make sure that IPAN’s messages are spread evenly across social media platforms and other conventional media outlets.

Nigerians will like to know what IPAN is all about?

Igbos For A Progressive Nigeria (IPAN) is pan-Nigeria organisation. A social-cultural group formed to unite Ndigbo, and to bridge the communication gap between Ndigbo and other ethnic nationalities of Nigeria. It’s a socio-cultural organization that tends to unite the Igbos of Nigeria, even Igbos found outside the south east geo-political zone of Nigeria.

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Recently, IPAN started an outrage that led to the suspension Dr ABC Agbazuere, the Chief of Staff to Abia State Governor. Could you shed more light on what really happened?

It all started when a video was sent to us by a concerned Nigerian. The outrageous video showed the Chief of Staff abusing his position, office and power. How could he be spraying all that money on prophet Odumeje when Abia people are suffering? Why the blatant display of wastage when Abia State lacks basic social amenities? In IPAN’s usual way of fighting for Ndigbo, we posted the video on our social media handles with matching messages. We were happy that well-meaning Nigerians picked up on the matter, and collectively, Nigerians sent a thunderous message to the governor. Enough is enough!

Is displaying of affluence against the rule of good governance?

What I’m saying is that Abia State is known for lack of basic infrastructural amenities due to poor governance, and for a high-ranking government official to behave as if all is well was uncalled for.

IPAN claims to be fighting for peace and unity of Ndigbo. Would you say that getting Dr Agbazuere suspended is a way of fighting for peace?

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IPAN is totally against abuse of office or political power, no matter the circumstances. We are fighting for peace and the unity of Igbos yes, but we are not in support of abuse of office or political authority of any Igbo person in high authority. IPAN is totally against rascality in governance, especially in South East of Nigeria. Misconduct in governance is an aberration. IPAN will not support that no matter the personality involved.

Who is funding IPAN?

For now, there is no external funding for IPAN. IPAN is being funded from within the members of the organization, especially by the president of IPAN, Mr Lawrence Onuzulike. In fact, the president of IPAN is the major financer of IPAN for now.

What are the future plans of IPAN?

IPAN have a bright future. We have our strategies, and very soon IPAN will roll out in a very big way. Already we have set out to reach out to people who have the interest of Igbos at heart. We are taking our time so that the organization will not be hijacked by money bags and high-profile politicians of note. We will not like to thread the path of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

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How can interested people join IPAN?

You can join IPAN by visiting our official website. Everything one needs to know about IPAN is detailed in our website. Our social media platforms are also available for intending members

What’s your final message to Ndigbo?

My final message to Ndigbo is to embrace IPAN as that is the only genuine organisation that truly cares for the interest of Ndigbo in Nigeria and in diaspora.

It’s a pleasure having you here. Thanks for your time.

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You are welcome

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