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We Hid A Human Head In His Water Tank To Implicate Him — Murder Suspects



Nigerian police

One Mr. Emmanuel Onuwa and his Children were arrested by the Imo State police command after a human head was discovered in a water tank in their compound. But Mr. Onuwa would not allow his family to suffer for a crime they did not commit. He therefore petitioned and persuaded the police to carry out a thorough investigation of the case. The police listened and launched a fresh investigation of the case.

The second and stricter investigation revealed that the real culprits were one 41-year-old Mr. Agubosim Chukwuemeka, and Mr. Onumajuru Godwin. The duo was arrested in the late hours of August 8, 2020.

Under interrogation, both suspects confessed that they exhumed a dead body around Njaba River, severed the head and hid it in Mr. Onuwa’s water tank. Their aim was to implicate him and keep him in jail for a long time so that they can commandeer a plot of land they have been dragging him.

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