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[Video] Cheating Woman Jumps From One Storey Building Half Na*ed To Escape Angry Wife Of Cheating Partner



The woman was naked with her man friend on the bed when the suspicious wife stormed the house, banging on the gate in a rage. The cheaters became confused as the gate was the only escape route.

While they contemplated on what to do, the angry wife kept banging on the gate and screaming on top of her voice. The man managed to get to the door to let her in. The woman stormed in shoving the jittery man off her way. But while she was hurrying upstairs, the intruder jumped through the window just before the angry wife caught up with her. She ran into the highway in blouse and underpants. The angry woman then quickly ran downstairs and chased after her while the husband followed, pleading.

McIntosh Chimeziri is a writer for close to a decade. An information and public affairs enthusiast. A husband and father. Contact him on

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