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They call us Shakira due to our waist breaking dancing style – dancing sensation R2 Waist Breakers



One of the biggest sensations in Anambra State dancing scene is a group called R2 Waist Breakers. The dance duo consisting of Richie and Ricky is famous for their waist breaking style of dance. ONITSHA GRA discovered the dancers during a chanced meeting at an event place in GRA called Ibari Ado. We watched as the electric duo thrilled the revelers. We had no choice but to join the crowd in giving them a standing ovation at the end of their mesmerizing performance. Since then, we’ve been on their trail, and thankfully, we ran into one of them and decided to use the opportunity to have a one-on-one with him.



Kindly introduce yourself to Nigerians.

I’m Ugo Pascal Kosiso Chukwu, from Oduma Alanri Local Government Area, Amagu, Enugu state. I’m 18 years old. My dance partner is Ricky Mera Stephen. She’s from Agbaja Izzi Local Government Area in Ebonyi state, and she’s 20.

How did you and your dance partner meet?

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Ricky’s mom was a very good friend to my mom. But initially her mom was not aware that I was a dancer. One early morning, she came to our house to see my mom. As they chat in the living room, the topic switched to dancing and my mom called me to show Ricky’s mother a video where I went for a show. After showing her, she was impressed and was like, wow, this is seriously you? She was happy that day and told me her daughter can dance too, that she will like if I take her daughter along. I said ok. She brought her to me and when I saw her, I noticed she’s as same model me.


At what point did you realise that dancing is your calling?

When I was a kid, my aunty was a dancer and she was and is still a very big fan of Shakira. she taught me how to dance. I learned from her but I didn’t take it seriously then. One day, I went to a birthday party and as they normally do, they brought out all the children to dance. Initially, I was shy to dance, but everybody was dancing. So, I said to myself, you can do this. Immediately, the fear faded away and I danced, danced and danced, people were screaming. Later on, I won the prize for the best dancer. My mom was very happy. Even after that, I still didn’t take dancing seriously. It was when I met a guy who’s now a good friend that things changed. He saw me singing the first time and he was surprised. When we got to know each other well, I danced for him and he was blown away. It was then he told me that dancing was my destiny. He helped me to follow my dreams and discover my talent more and more.


What’s the name of your group?

R2 Waist Breakers

How did you arrive at the name?

It was very hard for us to arrive the name. First, I was answering Shakira because of my wait movement style of dancing. And I became popular with the name. When I met my dance partner, I thought it’ll be nice to change name because the name Shakira has been taken by a very famous person and we cannot compete with her. After cracking our heads, thinking of a worthy name, we settled for R2 Waist Breakers. My name is Richie and my dance partner’s name is Ricky, we put the two Rs together to form R2 and just added waist breakers to it.

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Where have you performed?

Wow! We’ve performed at so many places but let me just name a few: Dolly Hills Hotel, Bigger Villa, Ibari Ado, Spinach Hotel, Sinachi Hotel Oba, Tiger Garden, Hot Shot, Don Gen, S. C Garden, Breeze, Orbit Hotel, Chibbon Hotel…too many places.


Who are your idols in the entertainment industry?

Beyonce, Shakira, Tiwa Savage, Davido, WizKid, Simi, Flavour

What are your dreams?

To be the best version of me and help make the best out of people.

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Thanks for your time.

I appreciate.

Nice for checking on me. I'm Felix Idoh, from Rivers State. A proud graduate of Mass Comm from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra State. Kindly contact me if you have stories for me.

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