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OLIVER OKEKE: CNN as a meddlesome interloper in the Lekki Toll Gate matter




CNN is a reputable international news organization by any standards. Its commentaries, stories and analysis are not treated with disdain. The organization is regarded as opinion molder, locally and internationally. But for reasons best known to them, and which is very worrisome, CNN joined the league of unpatriotic citizens masquerading as objective critics in the Lekki affair. 

Instead of allowing the Judicial Commission of Inquiry to conclude their assignment and allow the government issue a white paper on it, CNN dabbled into the matter. And by so doing, tried to preempt the decisions of the panel, and at the same time, usurp the powers of Commission of Inquiry. 

CNN should be ashamed of its so-called investigative journalism in Africa. The news media must know that we are not #IRAQ, #LIBYA #IRAN and #SYRIA which they can manipulate at wish.

We are #Nigerians!

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In 1999, when the Odi ‘Massacre’ happened, there were no camera phones, no social media, but we didn’t have to look for photos of the dead, as we can still find them today. But in 2020, our so-called “So ro soke Werey” generation and CNN, with all their smartphones and technology, cannot show us one ‘Dedibodi’ from Lekki ‘MASAKA.”😭 

According to the Nigerian army, who are the prima facie accusers in the killings:

“Nothing we did in Lekki caused the killings and destruction that happened in Lagos. They have started killing police before we went to Lekki.”

The BBC reporter who was live in Lekki during the protest concurred with the statement issued by the Nigeria army. It’s sad that one of the biggest news media outlets in the world would show elements of bias at reporting serious matter such as the Lekki matter. 

Very unfortunate indeed.

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Oliver Okeke is a businessman, writer and political analyst based in Anambra State. He's an alumnus of University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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