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OLIVER OKEKE: 2020, A year of unsuccessful attempts to shutdown President Muhammadu Buhari’s government




‘A walk down the memory lane’

From the onset PMB did expect that his regime will have a rough ride in his duty as the President of Nigeria because, he was prepared to tame the big men who see themselves as the owners of the country. He was not really bothered about the curses and consequences of the implications of his actions on them. He was fully equipped and prepared to serve the ordinary people of Nigeria. 

PMB was much more interested in the affairs of the masses who had been denied every opportunity to feel the real taste of good and qualitative governance, by providing infrastructural developments, palliative and succour in time of difficult situations. 

PMB was undeterred in his pursuit of mass-oriented policies that eventually began to turn things around in Nigeria for good. 

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The PDP as a party in power before the advent of PMB didn’t reckon that they will lose power to the opposition (APC) with ease, because they foresaw with their binoculars a bright future for them as they believed that they will be in power for 60 years. 

Although Goodluck E. Jonathan accepted defeat and rejected the temptation to go court, other big shots and the rest of his teeming supporters were not prepared to be bystanders in a government that will surely not dance to their tunes. 

And so immediately after the 2015 Presidential election has been won and lost, the owners of Nigeria and their cohorts commissioned the naysayers to start laying potholes, landmines and bumpy traps for this administration and, especially, against the person of PMB. 

First, they came up with the islamisation agenda and we killed it. 

They turned to Fulani herdsmen and accused them of the phantom killings and wanton destruction of farmland all over Nigeria. That one failed too. 

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They toyed with fulanization of Nigeria and it didn’t survive the test of time. 

In February 2018, scores of school girls were abducted at Dapchi Yobe State, all in an attempt to smear the person of PMB and his government, but unlike the previous government, that did nothing when Chibok girls were kidnapped, this government went after the abductors and got all the girls released with the exception of girl, Leah Sharibu, who refused to denounce her faith.

They brought the back-end server in 2019 in their election petition case against PMB/APC, it was jettisoned and killed on arrival because it only existed in the realm of their imagination.

They brought the #Endsars with a hidden agenda. Immediately the hidden agenda was exposed, we crushed it.

And just recently, about 333 #Kankara school boys were abducted in every way similar to the abduction of Chibok and Dapchi girls, all in an attempt to despise PMB. PMB swung into action and, as usual, rescued the boys.

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According to Femi Adesina, “there are many thoughts in the heart of men, but it is the counsel of God that shall stand. As the government worked, fervent prayers were also being made by people of goodwill. Everything coalesced and worked together for the good of the country, of the boys, their parents, and of President Buhari. The boys were brought back, intact, unharmed, and not a hair was missing from their heads. To God be the glory. The enemies had lost las las.”

Some people joined the mad rush to destabilize the government due to 

1: ignorance 

2: Arrogance 

3: illiteracy 

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4: poverty

5: Dishonesty

6: Hate

Many thanks for people with good conscience, the Buharists, the masses, professionals with good understanding etc., who fought gallantry to weather the storm that were gathered by the vultures, the imperialists of Nigerian origin, the self-assumed owners of Nigeria and their overseas collaborators.

At the end of it all and with the help of the Almighty God the shenanigans failed in their grandstanding. PMB has continued to deliver mass oriented programs to the glory of God. 

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According to Mike Ogueke, “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake” — Isaiah 54:15(KJV)

Kukah, Oyedepo, Obasanjo, Sheik Gumi, PDP and all their serpentine alliances in the media and entertainment industry had better study their scriptures because the destruction of the transgressors shall be together.

I will continue to pray fervently for the success of this administration. All the draw backs of 2020 will not rear its ugly head in 2021. 

May PMB survive and succeed in 2021 and beyond in God’s name, I pray. 

In conclusion, therefore, it’s noteworthy to mention the names of few comrades who, despite their busy schedule, have contributed free of charge to the course of Buharism. 

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Engr Yinka Williams

(President, President Muhammadu Buhari Solidarity Movement) 

Prof Mike Ogueke

(President Renaissance Initiative For New Consciousness) 

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Dr Ugo Egbujo, 

Hajara Usman, 

Shina Oyetona, 

Alhaji Rabiu Aliko Lawal, 

(VP north: President Muhammadu Buhari Solidarity Movement) 

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Nwachukwu Chukwkuemeka 

Pius Adesakin, 

Sunny Sylvester Moniedafe

Lanre Rasheed,    

Ohimai Sunny 

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Obinna Ejianya

(Publisher 9news online) etc. 

I salute you all. 

God will bless our effort and the effort of numerous others who are committed to good governance as being espoused by President Muhammadu Buhari. 

Our commitment will not be a waste. 

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May God bless PMB and Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Oliver Okeke is a businessman, writer and political analyst based in Anambra State. He's an alumnus of University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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