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EXCLUSIVE: Nollywood Director Ifeanyi Azodo makes shocking revelations on why he was arrested in 2016




Nollywood actor cum film director Ifeanyi Azodo is a well-known face in the industry.  The talented filmmaker has been dogged by an arrest rumor since 2016. Today, the producer of the hit movie Akidi sheds more light on what truly transpired.

Speaking to, Ifeanyi said,

“Well, it was very funny that fateful day, police have a way of blowing things out of proportion. I had a misunderstanding with somebody whom I came to realise was a homosexual. And I took two guys to that hotel and he was paid in his own coin. The management of the hotel got the police involved. He then told them that I came and robbed him. I was asked to make statement to that effect and thereafter was admitted on bail. Very funny, I was accused of robbery and at the same time admitted to bail.

“I was later made to understand that the Area Commander was always meeting with the guy on daily basis and you know what that means.

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“The case was later moved to court and the young man didn’t put up appearance, eventually, the matter was struck out.

“The truth is that the Area Commander wanted to mess me up probably because I was up against one of his own,” he concluded.

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