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Nigerian musician Woki Nwankwo talks about life, music, biggest stage, challenges facing musicians in Anambra State and more with Onitsha GRA



If you have a little knowledge of the music industry in Anambra State, then you must have a little knowledge of Woki Nwankwo. If you’re conversant with the Awka entertainment scene, then you’re conversant with the talented music producer cum artist. Yes, that’s how influential he is. Today, the highly in-demand talent sat down with ONITSHAGRA.COM for an in-depth interview.


Let us start with introduction.

My name is Woki Nwankwo, a Nigerian, of course, from Anambra State, the Southeastern part of Nigeria. I’m a music producer and a music artist.

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How’s the journey so far?

Well, so far so good. It’s actually quite a lot to talk about because it’s been really a long journey and still is. One thing I have come to understand is, God has the final say. I can’t describe all the moments or the emotions or the reactions that make the journey a lesson learned.

I started recording in 2002. You know everything is subject to improvement with work, so I wouldn’t say I was a professional in 2002. I became a music producer in 2007. So, I would say I started professionally in 2006. My current Record Label is AYMA Global Records. I signed the contract in 2019.

Muller league by woki nwankwo

Why music?

I am 100 percent music. I am made of music. I was in Children’s choir as a child and also in teen choir. I started freestyling when I was in secondary school. I lived in the school hostel as a JSS student. In 2002, I recorded in the studio for the first time. I’m doing music for a lot of reasons. I’m blessed with music. I’m really good at it and I want to pass a positive message over the Generations. It’s not just about the fame and fortune, I really want to fix errors in the society. The words you hear through music live longer and deeper in your heart, and have a lot of influence. My goal is to have positive words and energy embedded in the hearts and lives of my audience. I’m a born music man and God is my inspiration.


Is Woki your real name?

It’s on my national ID o. It’s my stage name and my real identity. Woki is the teacher of wisdom, bringer of enlightenment, awakening…more like the message man.

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What would you consider your biggest work so far?

The best is yet to come, because of improvement. I would say it would be difficult to pick between Mbada, Jesus Oka Ome, Jakarawa, FMG and Mullar League that I just recently released. Mullar League is the biggest, just watch out for it, because there’s more coming.

mbada by woki nwankwo

As a well sought-after artist, which show would you consider your biggest so far?

Another tough one. But I will pick the Police Games Show where I met the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Sir Willie M Obiano, the National Chairman of APGA, Ozonkpu Dr Victor Oye, and several other important people from my home state, memorable moments.

Who would you credit for your success?

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God! Then my manager and boss, Hon Dr Cater Dike Nnamdi Umeoduagu, my sponsor Sunar Water. Nothing can be achieved without God’s Grace. Not forgetting myself for not quitting when it looked like a dead end.

What do you mean by a dead end?

Challenges and delay.

What are the challenges?

Financial challenges. That’s what delayed the output. The talent has always been there. It takes a good management for an artist to succeed. God and Grace being compulsory, the next thing is a good management. There’s time and opportunity for everyone who really has the passion for their work. Promotion costs money too. The biggest challenge facing any upcoming artist is finance. Talent is rarely the case.

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You always sound philosophical. Which philosophy drives you?

Make a positive contribution to humanity because the next generation needs it.

What are the biggest challenges facing musicians in Anambra state?

Finance and loyalty.

jakarawa by woki nwankwo


Yes…they would rather support a musician they don’t know than support each other. Charity supposed to begin at home. A lot of artists would have done better in the industry had it not been for the unhealthy competition that existed at the time. 2021 presents a better chance because everything is digital now. If they support each other, really, it would be easier to get sponsorship for musicians.

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If not a musician, what would you have become?

There’s a lot I can still be…


Actor, Lawyer, Tourist, YouTuber, Farmer, Boxer, Businessman…the list goes on o. But if I must choose one, then it’ll be boxing (laughs).

What is your rating of Nigerian Musicians?

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World class! Nigerian musicians have proven that Afrobeat is a world class genre of music. Music has to represent the people. The successful fusion of Afrobeat into other genres of music is a big step up.

Where do you see Nigerian music in the next decade?

On top. Nigerian musicians will be rated world class globally.

Thanks for your time with

You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure.

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