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NGO accuses Rev. Ikechukwu Obioha of SEFORP2023 of ‘fraud’, petitions IGP




A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Youth For Better Nigeria (YFBN), has petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, over alleged fraudulent act purportedly being carried out by SEFORP2023 Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

A copy of the petition, which was made available to us on Friday night, was filed against the respondent by a member of the NGO, Mr Obiezu Nwachukwu, through his lawyer, Barrister Nkem Okoro.

In the petition, the NGO alleged that the president of the cooperative society domiciled and resident in Enugu, Rev. Ikechukwu Obioha, was using the said cooperative to dabble into politics in realization of Igbo presidency in 2023.

According to Barrister Okoro, SEFORP2023 is a registered acronym under the Nigerian cooperative society Act, and that by the said act, the cooperative society is only limited to the socioeconomic interest of its members.

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Okoro added that the registered bye-law of every cooperative society only provide to function within the ambit of the purpose for which it was established and not to go outside the function which the act does not accommodate.

He said that cooperative societies are forbidden from meddling or dabbling into politics, noting that such infraction by SEFORP2023 to convert the cooperative society into a political group constitute a criminal offence in the eyes of the law.

The lawyer alleged that Rev. Obioha has consistently used the cooperative to extort money from unsuspecting Southeast politicians under the guise of organizing conference and seminar for the realization of Igbo 2023 presidency.

He said that the president of the cooperative had also been recruiting youths in preparation for the 2023 presidential elections, adding that this could likely cause a breach of public peace and violence.

He added that the president of the cooperative had opened several bank accounts using the cooperative name to launder monies from southeast politicians in the name of Igbo presidency 2023, revealing that Rev. Obioha had also printed flyers in the aim of Igbo 2023 presidency, which has consistently misled the public and the southeast extraction.

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He said that Rev. Obioha has deceived people into believing that the cooperative society was a political group formed for the realization of Igbo 2023 presidency, whereas the group was registered as a cooperative society for the economic benefit of only its members, even as he called on the Inspector General of the Police to immediately intervene and investigate the extortion.


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