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INTERVIEW: My mother initially discouraged me from acting but now she calls to tell me the title of my latest film – Nollywood actress Mimi Ibeh tells Onitsha GRA



Mimi Ibeh is not only one of the fastest rising actresses in Nollywood but one of the most beautiful. In just less than four years in the industry, the Enugu State born talent has featured in movies too numerous to count. In this interview with ONITSHA GRA, Mimi delves into her career and more.



Let us begin with introduction.

My name is Miracle Ibeh, an Igbo girl from Enugu state. I’m an actor and a business woman. I have my business located in Asaba, Delta State.

What business are you into?



You are rated as one of the fastest rising actresses. How did you get to this stage so fast?

Well, it has not been easy, but I thank God. Acting is one thing I have always wanted to do, though mom tried making sure I didn’t go into it, but after many years, I got to meet a friend who helped me out, and I’m glad I’m here today, because I found myself doing what I love.

For how long have you been into acting?

 For four years now…getting to four years, three years and some months.

Why did your mom discourage you from acting?

Nothing serious! She wanted me to be a medical doctor, yeah…that’s what she wanted. She doesn’t just like the career. Probably, she wanted to be called mama doctor.

Did she finally accept your choice?

Sure! She had to! Because her daughter was doing well.  Well, these days, she calls to tell me the title of my latest film. She watches Africa magic and she calls on WhatsApp video calls to tell me she’s proud of me. With the excitement on her face, I know she has accepted and has been praying for me to go higher. Yeah, at least, I’m getting to the limelight.


What drives you in life?

I always remember that possibilities are endless. I Keep working towards my dream and most times, I don’t get worried about the way life is moving, because, definitely, time will answer. If one fail to understand this, then the person is like a dog that chases every car, and might eventually end up getting lost somewhere.

Which is your biggest movie so far?

Love at second sight.


Emmm…Well, probably because of the role I played there. It was an amazing one.


Who would you give credit for the rise in your career?

First person here is Chucks Okpara (Ebony), then, Solomon Oguejiofor, Chibunna Uchema (Chez movies), Remy Jez, Rita Arum. They believe in me and have always given me roles. I can’t forget Johnson Kaycee, he brought me into the industry. He is not in the industry though, but he helped me through a friend.


What are you working on at the moment?

Nothing much…this is festive period, so no work for now.

As a beautiful actress, how do you cope with attention from men?

To me that’s not a problem. I know how to handle such.

Are you married?

No. I’m single.

Any plans towards that soon?

Emmm…if it is the will of God. Well, I’m waiting on God.


Who inspires you?

Mrs Ngozi Ezeonu, Harry B Anyanwu, Don Charles Maduka.

How would you rate Nollywood?

Nollywood is seriously going higher each day that passes by, from the equipment that is being used now to every other area.

Recently, a US based Nigerian Musician, in an interview said that Nigerian actresses sleep with politicians to fuel their flamboyant lifestyles. What is your take on that?

Well, I don’t really know, but that’s his own opinion. I don’t know anything about that.

What is Nollywood’s greatest challenge?


If you’re not an actress, what would you have become?

A soldier

Thanks for speaking to Onitsha GRA.

Thanks for having me.

McIntosh Chimeziri is a writer for close to a decade. An information and public affairs enthusiast. A husband and father. Contact him on

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