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Kanayo O Kanayo Is Nigeria’s Finest Actor – Nollywood Star Harry B Anyanwu




Actor, Harry B Anyanwu, has described Nollywood legend, Kanayo O Kanayo, popularly known as K. O. K, as “Nollywood’s number one” and “finest” actor. He said this recently when he paid a courtesy visit to Kanayo in his Mbaise, Imo State, home. In a video posted by Kanayo O Kanayo on his Instagram page, both men are seen sitting side by side, apparently having a good time. Each has a cup of palm wine in hand with his posture tilted towards the side stool standing in between them. The side stool has a tray sitting on it.

Harry B could be heard saying, “Alright my people, check this out, Harry B, a.k.a. the man with a pedigree, the ku’isi na wol crooner, the OG before the IG, and I’m live in Mbaise, at the crib of my brother like no other, K O 2 d K, nwanne, Nollywood number one, Nollywood finest, and we are chilling in his country home, drinking palm wine, eating some bush meat, hey! Lifestyle of the rich and famous…”

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