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INTERVIEW: Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Is Messed Up And Should Be Scrapped – Nollywood Actor Igwe Credo



INTERVIEW: Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Is Messed Up And Should Be Scrapped – Nollywood Actor Igwe Credo

Igwe Credo is a Nigerian actor from Nri Obeagu in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State. Since storming the Nollywood, the outspoken entertainer has not only featured in about 40 films, but has also made his name as the brand ambassador of senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyichukwu Ubah. In this deep interview with ONITSHAGRA.COM, the fearless hard hitter who says it as it is bares his mind on numerous topics.


Kindly Introduce yourself to Nigerians.

My Name is Ambassador Akunne Francis, a.k.a. Igwe Credo Arobinagu Nwa Nri, Ambassador Afa Igbo Efuna Movement Worldwide. I am a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Department of History and International studies. I’m a Nollywood producer and actor. I am an event planner and host. I’m from Nri Obeagu in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State. I’m an ambassador to senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyichukwu Ubah. The senator representing Anambra South Senatorial District.

You are a man with a cap of many feathers. What are the main things you are known for?

Movies. Cultural Orientation. I guide people culturally. Abu mu nwa arobinagu. Ana mu eme awele ndi Igbo, na ekpere ya, ana mu agba afa arobinagu mu. I’m a comedian, a diplomat, a singer…I’m an all-round entertainer.

How did you come about the name Igwe Credo?

My grandfather is nicknamed Igwe. Credo is my confirmation name in Catholic. Then, I was once an Igwe Umu Akwukwo na Unizik Nke Awka. I was a student King at Unizik, Awka. Igwe Eze Mmuoo Julu Aru. Igwe Arobinagu. From my year one till finals, I was an Igwe in school. I have 15 lolos. I was a department Igwe, Faculty, School, Village, Town, State, City.


Does it mean you were married to 15 wives?

No! I’m not married. Each title I took in school comes with a new Lolo.

Your University days seem interesting. Tell us more about it.

Those days in school, students practice culture as a student thing, but me, I did it because I had. Nobody taught me. I taught people culture.t I learnt Igbo culture everyday through my vision with Ndi Nze Nrimeri. 2014, we wrote Jamb, Unizik didn’t give us admission. So, I went to UNN to study filmmaking for one year. 2015, I wrote Jamb again. This time, they decided to give me Law, but I have passion for History and International Studies, so I changed to that. Year one was playful but when result came out, we knew we had to sit up. I didn’t stay in school always because of my Nollywood and event management stuff, but I read once in a while. In fact, anything I read, page or chapter, I remembered inside hall. Even if I read it once, I must remember it. It wasn’t cramming, but just a gift. Once I’m inside the hall writing exams and you ask a question, I’ll remember where that topic is in my note book. My mind will go straight to that page or chapter and link with that period I was reading it and that’s how I write. We wrote exams and passed, did projects by ourselves and passed, then came out with second class upper. I didn’t stay in school much, unless when it was time for lectures, quiz, exams, events or social gatherings. I was popular, so I didn’t have to sort any papers, to avoid denting my image for when I will return to do my masters. Whatever I write, biko give it to me like that.

What’s your relationship with Senator Ifeanyi Ubah?

I am his adopted son and the Ambassador Representing his brands. In 2013, I fell in love with the charity nature of Ifeanyichukwu Ubah. He showed me love without mercy and without knowing actually who I was. That was when he was contesting for the governorship under the Labour Party. I used that cash very well which brought me goodness. I was following him up both in his TAN Movement for Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan.  Because of him, I joined APGA Party in my state. When he won the Anambra South Senatorial District election, I was happy and joyful for him. I felt like it was his goodness that gave him that Grace to win, beating the likes of Ukachukwu, Andy Uba, Chris Uba. Later we had the issues of court case. I followed him up both physically and in prayers. I followed him to the tribunal with my elder brother who is a lawyer. I was there in Awka the day he won the case. Since then, I said to myself, I must get close now through my talent. A wonderful soul like chief Sir James Louis, a.k.a Jaluo, saw my talent and took it upon himself to bring in this talent to work with Ifeanyichukwu Ubah. He called me, I answered. From there we flew to Abuja for a meeting the senator for the first time. He called me by my name and hugged me, that was when I knew that God was the best planner. When I came into his place, he was having a formal meeting with some senators, governors and deputy governors. But he left them as I was announced and came out to the main bouquet palour and hugged me. The grace in him entered me. I became confident. He said he wanted to see my talent. He took me to the meeting and everything by God’s grace was wonderful there. He proclaimed me his adopted son and ambassador representing his brand. That same day, we signed the contract and that was it.

Tell us about your foundation.

Igwe Credo Charity Foundation is being funded by myself alone, hoping that friends will join. The website is I decided to, in my little way, help people I’m better than by paying school fees, house rents, helping the youth to get jobs, helping them be self-employed by learning work, going into entrepreneurship


How many people have benefited from your foundations?

Some number of persons have benefited from it and we keep trying out best. I don’t count. I don’t keep records. Right from my year one the Igwe Credo foundation has been there. I paid fellow students school fees, house rents, feedings, hospital bills, etc., it gives me joy. I do charity without counting or keeping records. More than 44 upcoming artists both in movies and in music have benefited from me.

Tell us about your acting career.

Nollywood has dealt with me since 2008, as a child, until 2015, when I now came back full time. Nollywood has dealt with me. But I believe if my sponsor the senator Ifeanyichukwu Ubah keeps his promise to me, I will bounce back, because I love it when I’m acting on a set. This is one of the talents I have that gives me joy. Most producers complain that most times when they give me native role to play, it turns out real. I became the secretary general of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Anambra State Chapter, In Awka Zone. So many of my students in Nollywood have gone far in the industry. I’m very happy about that.

How many movies have you featured in?

It’s uncountable, tag it 40. To be an upcoming artist generally is not easy. Things happen, you keep losing money, resources, until you become a star. Nollywood, mostly AGN is messed up. I think that guild should be closed down and another better one formed.

What exactly are the issues in AGN?

Extortion. Bullying. Bribing. Corruption. Sexual scandalous act. Greediness. Hate. Lies. Deceit. Self-centered excos who think only about themselves. Flush that guild let’s start afresh.

Earlier, you mentioned Afa Igbo Efuna Movement. What’s it all about?

Afa Igbo Efuna Movement was established to promote the Culture and Tradition of Ndi Igbo.

It is fully sponsored by Ifeanyichukwu Ubah, but if Ndi Igbo can come together and sponsor this movement, nwanne we will get to our Biafra land. Ndi Igbo can only get Biafra when they are ready and their readiness is their unification.

What is your view of the activities of Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB, and other splinter Biafra groups?

He is doing his best. Nnamdi Kanu will achieve his best If Ndi Igbo worldwide will unit and agree to stand by him and stop being saboteurs.


Let’s digress a little. How come you’re still single?

The only thing keeping me from getting married is money. Without money, I won’t marry. I don’t want my baby or my kids to surfer just like I did in my growing up. I want a semi perfect life for them all.

Which Nollywood actress would you love to date?

Sharon Francis.

Are you friends with her?

Very well.

In few words, what philosophy drives your life?

The gift of man will make way for him.

Who are your idols?

Micheal Jackson, Rihanna, Jnr Pope.

How do they inspire you?

When Michael Jackson died, I wept for weeks. Before now, I was a break dancer, until he died, the steps left me. I so much love him. He has talent. He is natural, naturality matters to me. Same thing with Rihanna. I love Hanna so much and I love her songs. Jnr Pope helped my career. I have a lot to do with him. I love him too very much among all Nollywood celebrities. He is natural too and friendly, that you can’t imagine nor believe until you come close to him. Mr SwagNation.

How do you relax?

Lodge out, buy things I need, and just cool off watching movies. Sightseeing, shopping malls, outing with friends and fans. I love hanging out with my fans.

Is there something you would like to talk about that we didn’t ask?

I love my family, my mum, dad, siblings. I love my work. I love my brand. And finally, I love my boss

Senator Dr Patrick Ifeanyichukwu Ubah.

Thanks for talking to

You’re always welcome.

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