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I regret leading people into taking IPOB’s oath – Alberta, Canada Coordinator, Celestine Okwudili Onwuka




Not long ago, broke the news that Coordinator of IPOB in Alberta, Canada, Celestine Okwudili Onwuka, has resigned from his position and accused the group’s leaders of being scammers.

It’s clear that Celestine is not yet done with his sudden outburst against the group.

In the latest development, the former Alberta, Canada, coordinator regrets taking the group’s oath and rues leading others into doing same.

He says, “I’m also using the same opportunity to remove myself from the fraudulent oath and set free those I have led into taking the oath unknowingly, and based on my position and responsibilities.”

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In earlier posts on Facebook, he wrote; “Listen and believe! IPOB topmost leadership is duping us and the same time setting up our children for slaughter. NdiIgbo rise up now and stop Nnamdi Kanu and his fraudulent activities.

We’re still monitoring the story…

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