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Gay S** Video: I Feel Like Committing Suicide — Nollywood Actor Godwin Maduagu



Gay S** Video: I Feel Like Committing Suicide — Nollywood Actor Godwin Maduagu

The actor, his friends and family are no longer at ease as things have fallen apart following the leaking of a shocking video of the actor have s** with another man. 

The actor has released a video in response begging the public to let the matter rest so that he can regain his sanity. 

He says that he has lost everything, his job, his reputation and his rest of mind since the incident, and attributed his ordeals to the handwork of his rivals and enemies. 

“Hello guys, it’s Godwin Maduagu. I want to talk about something… I’m not happy at all, because you guys are frustrating me, I’m getting depressed already. I thought I’ve moved on and everybody has moved on. I don’t know why you guys are bringing me back again. Okay, first of all, all my bookers I’m working with, I’ve not been getting jobs, I’m f***ing broke. You know as a public person, you have to have money to take care of yourself and take care of some personal expenses, right now, I don’t even have shishi. Number two, when they book me for a show, companies will see Godwin Maduagu and will like, “O we can’t use this guy!” How do you guys want me to feel? How do you expect me to feed? How do you expect me to survive?

OK, fine, you guys said I made a video for me to trend, now who is now trending and who is now losing? How do you expect me to make a video that will destroy my life, my career and everything? Now, (pauses as he comes to tears) you guys should just pity me na. I’m not happy. I want to get my life back. I need money. I need to get my job and everything. Do you know how it feels to be a public figure and not have money for your personal needs? Do you know how it feels like not working for a whole year? It’s not nice now! You guys know how it feels since last year not working back to back. I know it is my enemies that have been doing all these shit just to destroy me and bring me down. Because you guys are just envious of me… Right now, I feel like I am going to commit suicide, because I can’t take this shit anymore. This is depressing now. It is affecting me psychologically, I forget things easily…. ” he said.

McIntosh Chimeziri is a writer for close to a decade. An information and public affairs enthusiast. A husband and father. Contact him on

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