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Femi Fani-Kayode Chased Me With A Knife And Sexually Assaulted Another Staff — Former Domestic Staff



Femi Fani-Kayode Chased Me With A Knife And Sexually Assaulted Another Staff — Former Domestic Staff

Shocking revelations have been emerging from the household of Femi Fani-Kayode, FFK.  At least seven different former domestic staff of the PDP chieftain have portrayed him as a mentally deranged tyrant.

The staff who spoke under oath, narrated various irate and irrational treatments they received from the PDP chieftain.

His former driver, Jonathan Gaiya, says,

“At different times I have been sacked, beaten, abused, assaulted, whenever I was caught sneaking out to buy food.

“On one particular day, Chief Fani-Kayode attempted to hit me with his slippers because I slowed down to take a sharp turn (while driving). He accused me of planning to cause him harm and demanded that the police carry out an investigation on me.”

Jonathan alleged that he was supposed to be paid only N70, 000 but hardly gets that amount because FFK deducts money from his salary to fix his cars whenever they break down, claiming that the cars faults were caused by him. He also starves him and at the same time would not allow him to go outside to buy food. Jonathan worked with FFK for six months.

His former cook, Agbolo Edah who is from Togo and worked with FFK for four months says,

“I was assaulted at the slightest provocation while working for Chief Fani-Kayode. He would direct his guards to strip me n3ked and beat me up.

“One Bako, who is a bodyguard of Chief Fani-Kayode, is always tasked with strapping my hands and legs together while Chief Fani-Kayode would beat me up.

“I recall being pinned to the ground while Chief Fani-Kayode beat me up and kicked me continuously with his leg. I also witnessed Chief Fani-Kayode strip his staff completely n3ked on the allegation that they stole from him. He sometimes drags his staff to the police station where they were detained for days.”

Another former cook of FFK, Emmanuel Oko says,

“Chief Fani-Kayode is a paranoid soul that gets angry for no reason. There was a time he held a knife and was walking around the table saying, I will kill you now, I will send you to hell now.

“I would be running around the kitchen while his police orderlies would be watching.

“I made okro soup and he was served. He then asked what it was and I said it was okro. He grabbed his fork and said, this is for me? He stood up and faced me. I ran outside the kitchen and he chased me. It was the bodyguards that took me away,” concluded Oko.

Several other former staff of Femi Fani Kayode have similar things to say about the man, describing him as a tyrant. A particular staff alleged that he sexually abused her while she worked as a domestic staff in his house.

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