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Easter: Sacrificial giving key to spiritual upliftment – Archbishop Alexander Ibezim



Easter: Sacrificial giving key to spiritual upliftment - Archbishop Alexander Ibezim

The Archbishop, Province of the Niger, Most Rev Alexander Ibezim has regretted the increasing stunted growth among Christians over their reluctance to take risks for God.

He blamed the ugly trend on some preachers who resorted to delivering sermons to their congregation devoid of sufferings, risks and sacrifices.

Speaking on the 2021 Easter Celebration themed, “Who Will Roll Away This Stone For Us,” drawn from Mark 16, the Prelate explained that the women disciplines were privileged to be the first to see the reason Lord as a result of their doggedness.

He challenged Christians to be ready to make sacrifices for God while seeking his face, stressing that giving to God was beyond money, which he said was the least of gifts one could offer to God.

He said, “There are many challenges confronting humanity. In Nigeria, we have challenges of insecurity, poverty, hunger, sickness and of course the dreaded COVID-19.

“Many have taken the vaccine; many are still pondering whether to take or not. These are challenges confronting us. But God has assured us of the possibilities for them to end through God’s resurrection power.

“The problem we are having in our society today is that many people that tend to say they seek the face of the lord do so without giving to him. You must not be an idle person in the church. You must seek the lord with something.

“When God created you, he did so for a purpose. There’s a gift you’re bringing to the kingdom. When you bring a gift to the church, you are bringing it to humanity.

“Unfortunately, whenever we talk of gift, people interpret it to mean money. The gift we talk about is more valuable than money. In fact, money is the least of all the gifts.”

He added, “For the women, God observed the sincerity in their prayers, their weakness and decided to show them mercy. Besides, they were not going to the tomb empty handed but with sweet and costly spices to anoint the body of Jesus.

“The women were powerless; they didn’t have strength just like so many of us today. We have powerless husbands, wives, children and even powerless government.

“At times, God uses powerless things to do great things. You may feel you’re a powerless man or woman, but there’s an Easter grace behind your powerlessness.”

Profile: From Ozuitem, Bende Local government Area of Anambra State. Political science (B. Sc) from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka & Business Administration (Diploma) from the University of Calabar. Email him at

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