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Dubai-born rich kid Ren shocked at how poor Nigerian family Lisa and Magnus Ukpebor live in London



A rich kid who’s never been given any financial restriction from his parents went to stay with a hardworking skint family-of-seven in last night’s Rich Kids Go Skint. 

5Star viewers learned how Reni, 20, originally from Dubai, would often tax his Russian mum and Syrian self-made millionaire dad for money, often spending £2,000 a month on leisure while living in London as a student. 

The wealthy heir, who was privately educated in Dubai before he was sent to a boarding school in Scotland, and now rents a £2,500 a month flat in Mayfair while studying marketing and publishing in London, estimated his parents have spent about £85,000 on his education alone so far. 


His lifestyle is worlds away from Lisa and Magnus Ukpebor, two Nigerian-born parents living in South London, who dedicate all their money to caring for their five children: JC, ten, David, eight, Excel, seven, Michelle, five and Treasure, 20 months.  

Magnus, who receives £1,000 a month in benefits for his family of seven, explained he also earns £400 to £500 a months working part time as a carer, and attending  a course to work on railways, so that he can provide more for his family. 

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Reni was shocked to find Lisa and Magnus skip breakfast every day in order to pay £280-a-term for the eldest sons to attend football, as well as forking out £70 a month for online tutoring. 

Viewers appreciated how respectful Reni was of Lisa and Magnus’s experience.  

The rich kid, who hails from Dubai, was candid about his spending on the show, explaining he has ‘no limit’ when it comes to money. 

‘My circle has always been people from more or less the same families so we’d go out and spend big money,’ he explained. 

The eldest of the family, Reni explained his parents have a driver as well as a live-in maid. 

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‘Having staff at your fingertips at all times has made life much more easier,’ he admitted. 

The eldest of the family, Reni explained his parents have a driver as well as a live-in maid. 

‘Having staff at your fingertips at all times has made life much more easier,’ he admitted. 

Reni has had a taste of working on a minimum wage, while working in retail. 

‘Last year I worked in retail for a couple of months and I did that job more for the experience than the money. Looking back, £7 wouldn’t even cover the shoe polish I use,’ he said. 

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Now that he lives away from home, Reni explained his father finances his lifestyle completely. 

‘As an international student my fees are £12,500 [a year] and then for the flat it’s £2,500 a month,’ he said. 

‘For the last three to four years [my dad] spent £85,000 on my education alone. 

‘My dad fully funds my lifestyle, it started from uni fees to housing fees to my nights out as well,’ he added. 

‘He doesn’t really tell me there’s a limit but obviously, there’s a certain extent I can’t push it to.’ 

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The wealthy heir admitted he never cooks and eats out most nights, spending from £50 to £120 just on a main course. 

He also showed off his designer wardrobe, from Balenciaga sneakers to £400 Versace coat ‘for formal occasions.’

He explained that for his 16th birthday his parents gave him a £10,000 Bottega Veneta jacket.   

Meanwhile, Lisa and Magnus’s way of life could not not be more different. 

The couple, who are both from Nigeria but met after moving to the UK, lead a humble life in a three-bedroom house in South London with their five children. 

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With a monthly income of £1,400 to £1.500 based on their benefits and Magnus’s part-time job, every extra bit of money is put towards their children’s education. 

The couple skip breakfast every day so they can afford for their eldest sons JC and David to attend their local football club, costing £280-a-term for both of them. 

Reni said it’s ‘eye-opening’ for him to hear how much the couple sacrifice so that their two sons could do something they love, and admitted it helped him realise how ‘fortunate’ he was. 

‘Lisa mentioned Magnus and her have to skip breakfast, and she said it so casually as well, as though it’s not a big deal, but if I were in their position I just wouldn’t be able to hack it. 

‘I think it’s incredible, but also very sad,’ he said. 

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Michelle, the couple’s eldest daughter, five, was shocked to find that Reni had a maid, and said that if she had a maid, she’d help them because ‘she’d get tired’. 

She also asked Reni if he’d ever had to stop an activity because he couldn’t afford it, after she had to quit her gymnastics class. 

 Later, he said: ‘Michelle’s question was very interesting, she got me thinking about the position I am in and the position they’re in, and how privileged I am,’ he said, while doing the dishes. 

Reni was also impressed that the family’s children were all using the laptops to do their homework on a Saturday night instead of playing video games.  

‘I think education is the best legacy anyone can give to anybody,’ Magnus, who had dreamed of a better life in the UK for years before he managed the move, said. 

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While staying with the family in their three- bedroom flat, Reni got to sleep in Michelle’s room while Lisa slept with Treasure and Excel and Michelle, and Magnus took the attic room. 

David and JC had their own room, which they shared. 

Reni, who has six bathrooms at home, was shocked to find that the family of seven shared only one bathroom. 

Throughout the two days he spent with the family, Reni helped around with the household chores, such as cooking and ironing for Lisa. 

He was also challenged to buy a meal for the whole family on just £7, a trick Lisa has mastered in order to make ends meet. 

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At first, he struggled to find his footing but eventually managed to come back home with a complete meal of rice and salad, and even had change to spare, which he handed back to a proud Magnus. 

When time came to part ways, Reni said he had a completely different outlook on life.   

He also gifted the family with a guitar, as well as 12 lessons so that the children could learn new skills. 

‘I feel very sad now that I left. It was a great experience, even though it was only a couple of days,’ he said in the taxi taking him home. 

‘I feel we bonded so well,’ he added. 

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Meanwhile, some of the Ukpebor children were left sobbing after the heir’s departure. 

It was revealed at the end of the episode that the heir and the family have kept in touch, and that his time with the Ukpebor had pushed Reni to cook more at home and cut back on his spending.  

Viewers were impressed by the respectful exchange between Reni and the family on the show. 

‘I think it’s nice that someone with little money and someone with plenty of money can both have respect for each other and understand that not everyone lives the same. There wasn’t any judgement from either of them,’ one said. 

‘What an interesting and respectful conversation. Great for people to learn about others. Even us viewers,’ said another. 

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‘Very unexpected at how lovely he actually is. And the little one wanting to help the maid.’ one said.  

Source: The Mail UK

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