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Davido Must Marry Chioma — Davido’s Billionaire Father



Davido Must Marry Chioma — Davido’s Billionaire Father

Parents of both Davido and Chioma are insisting that the now estranged couple must get married. 

Unknown to the public, both families fell in love with each other after Davido and his family visited the parents of Chioma for introduction. Thus, marriage between the two would have taken place if not the very busy schedule of Davido coupled with the Covid-19 crisis. 

In reaction to the rift between them at the moment, Davido’s billionaire father and CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, insisted that he will not allow his reputation to be rubbished by the naughty attitude of his son, Davido. 

“David my son, you will marry Chioma. I have never gotten myself involved with any of your girlfriends even though I am involved in all of your children’s lives. When you came to my office to tell me you want me to meet the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, I was very excited, but I needed you to search your heart and see if that’s who you truly want. You came back and said yes. I asked you to bring the woman home. You brought this girl and introduced her as Chioma.  She was pregnant then. I asked if you are not saying all these because she is pregnant. You said no and that you love her enough and want to marry her. Then I arranged a meeting with her family, we traveled to see her family, told them about your intentions. They received us well and respectfully. We were told that they can’t accept bride price then because their daughter was already pregnant. I didn’t even make this meeting public. You and Chioma did. Now you say you don’t want it anymore? You wasted my time, my person, my integrity. No way son! You see you and Chioma? Marriage it is. And that’s what you will do. Call me when you are ready so that we can set a date and inform Chioma’s family. And please be fast about it,” he said. 

Both sets of parents have played a major role in keeping Chioma and Davido together despite the latter’s naughty behaviors. 

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