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Clergyman holds solidarity march for Trump in Onitsha



Donald Trump

The Founder and Leader of the Living Christ Mission, Most Reverend Daddy Hezekiah, held a solidarity march for President Donald Trump of the United States at the Living Christ mission in Onitsha, ahead of the November 3, 2020, US elections. Hezekiah spoke to newsmen in Owerri, where he said he would also continue to pray against the plot to legalize same-sex marriage.

He said that it was because Trump stood against same-sex-marriage and persecution of Christians that they held the prayer support for his victory. Hezekiah among other reasons said: “Trump made peace between Israel and Bahrain as well as United Arab Emirate. Trump has brought freedom of worship for all by standing against the continued persecution of Christians all over the world. “And as a result, Trump’s battle against the persecution of Christians by terrorists, since then, we have witnessed reduction in the number Christians killed compared to the Obama days.

“Also, Trump stood against same-sex-marriage and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. So, we thank him for given freedom to Christians all of the worlds. The persecution of Christians has reduced in the world.” “We are in a world where Christians are hated and for that reason, genuine Christians of God must be united. Trump is being persecuted and they did not want him to win the election because of his stand for justice and now it’s our duty to defend him and encourage him,” the clergyman said.

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