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Being an herbalist not devilish, says Rev. Dr. Barnabas Obiorah Idoko



Being an herbalist not devilish, says Rev. Dr. Barnabas Obiorah Idoko

A lecturer from the Trinity Theological College, Umuahia, Abia State, Rev. Dr. Barnabas Obiorah Idoko has urged Nigerians to explore the medicinal values of plants and other herbal drugs to see ways of applying them for healing purposes.

Idoko gave the advice when he led over a hundred students of the institution on a field trip to the Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Awka, Anambra state.

He stressed that there was nothing evil in being herbalist or using herbs for treatments due to medicinal values of African plants, urging Christians gifted in the field to utilise their expertise to the Glory of God.

He said, “We are on field trip to CPHA. The field trip is one of the ways we are exposing those to be ordained in the church ministry to some of those things we do in Africa.

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“Ilonzo is a renowned figure who has demonstrated an expertise in herbal medicine. Given to her wealth of experience, I thought it wise to bring my students here to explore the positive things in African culture and use of herbal medicine.

“Some Christians misconstrue the effects of using the herbal medicine; thinking it is fetish. But we have come and we have seen that there is nothing fetish in it.

“As a matter of fact, Christian gifted in herbal medicine can explore it in curing self and others. We have been going on field trips at various institutions at Abia state. It was during my trip to Awka last year I discovered here and decided to explore it.”

Idoko pledged making CPHA a permanent institution for their field trips saying, “We have learnt the health benefits of most African plants. We also learnt from her experiences and expertise. We enjoyed the hospitality.

“Therefore, I will make here a permanent place of our field trip. In as much I am the one taking the course, I have found more reasons to bring our students here learn and help in spreading the good news when ordained. I enjoin other denominations and religious bodies to adopt this kind of field trip to expose them to reality of things in Africa. It is not all African culture and tradition is evil.”

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The theological institution owned by the Anglican Diocese of Umuahia runs Degree programmes in affiliation with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Also speaking, the Chief Whip of the institution, Mr Chibueze Kingsley Ikechukwu, who said he is from Enugu State but currently carrying out his religious service at Nnewi, said he was previously made to understand that CPHA is operating under some spiritual or evil powers but the visits has changed all that.

“She took us on three and half hour’s lecture standing. We have learnt from all she passed through at the course of her spiritual journey. In all these she kept giving glory to God, Almighty. We have learnt from it to be strong in our calling. We have learnt to guide ourselves. We have learnt to communicate or pass on every good knowledge and our experience to others.

“We are going to teach them to others. This journey has dispelled all the lies people are peddling against her. We have discovered that all the artifacts in her Centre were constructed and kept because she is an artist. We have learnt some medicinal values of plants. I can tell you that we are going to repeat this journey individually with our church members, families and friends,” he added.

Earlier the founder, Centre for Psychic and Healing Administration (CPHA), Chief Dr Mrs Flora Nkemakonam Ilonzo, lectured the students on why to make African fruits and vegetables their favourite, even as she provided procedures through which they could be utilised in preventing or healing all kinds of diseases and ailments including cancer, coronavirus, pile, psychiatric issues and others.

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Ilonzo, who led the seminarians into her family life, persecutions and benefits of her journey to actualise her callings to help humanity with herbal, including how her grandparents gifted the Anglicans and the Catholic where they sited their first Churches and homes at Onitsha, said that she inherited the gift from her parents and grandparents that according to her, applied herbal in solving in all humans problems.

She also recalled how God used her liberate women from the deadly Odo deities at Nsukka, brought the Catholic Pontiff (the Pope) and the Archbishop of Canterbury to Nigeria, saved old Anambra state and others, reiterating that CPHA’s moto is resolving the frictions between man and nature, and charged the students to endeavours to communicate to others what they have learnt from her Centre for emancipation of Africans.

Profile: From Ozuitem, Bende Local government Area of Anambra State. Political science (B. Sc) from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka & Business Administration (Diploma) from the University of Calabar. Email him at

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