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INTERVIEW: As TV host I’ve met many distinguished people but Pete Edochie stands out as ultimate Igbo Icon – Glory Ekene Iwunor, host of Imeogbe TV



When her peers are denying their roots and claiming other man’s cultures, Glory Ekene Iwunor decided to stay back home and promote her culture. Glory is the founder of the popular Imeogbe TV, a YouTube channel through which she entertains and educates Nigerians while at the same time promoting the Igbo culture and history. In this interview with ONITSHAGRA.COM, the beautiful and well-grounded TV personality talks about life, career, businesses and more.


Kindly introduce yourself to Nigerians.

My name is Glory Ekene Iwunor, from Umueri in Anambra East LGA, Anambra State. I’m an entrepreneur and a TV host. I’m a promoter of Igbo Culture, Traditions and history.

Which TV program do you host?

Imeogbe TV, an online TV show.

Is Ime Ogbe your brainchild?

Yes, it is.

What inspired Imeogbe?

I have been recording some clips without uploading them on YouTube because I was battling with a suitable name until one day, I was driving to my village, I ran into a group of guys fighting, so I parked and recorded the scene, when I got home I was like, mum bia nekwa ọgwụ anuru n’ime ogbe tata (mum come and see what happened in the neighborhood today). That was how the name Imeogbe clicked in.


How has the journey been so far?

It has been a roller-coaster journey but I thank God for his grace. Running an Igbo channel on YouTube is tough because not everyone understands Igbo Language. So, technically, not everyone would like to watch your content or subscribe to an Igbo channel, but gradually people are beginning to show interest in Igbo Language. All I can say is that the journey was tough at the beginning but now it’s getting better.

How long has Imeogbe been entertaining and educating Nigerians?

Four years.


What else are you into?

I’m an entrepreneur. I have a cosmetics company called Gorgeous Cosmetics Africa. We just launched our perfume “My Desire Perfume”. I do brand influencing, just signed a brand ambassador deal. Once we’re done with the shooting, I will reveal the brand.

You have been recording Igbo cultural programs now for four years. What is your most interesting experience?

All the cultural programs have their different unique experiences. I did enjoy all of them. Learning about new cultures makes my job fun (laughs).

You also meet distinguished personalities, who made the most impression on you?

I’ve met a lot of them but Pete Edochie stands out as the ultimate Igbo Icon.

Do you enjoy Nigerian movies?

Yes, I do, especially the interesting ones


Like which ones…

Honestly, I don’t usually check the names (laughs). Once I tune in, I watch whichever one that caught my attention, but I don’t miss Anyanwu Ututu by 6pm daily on African magic Igbo, because I play a lead role in it (laughs), I love watching my movies.

Is Anyanwu Ututu a TV series?

Yes. It is an Igbo series showing on African Magic Igbo by 6pm every day.

What other movies have you featured in?

A few of them actually…

Which would you consider your biggest so far?

The Igbo TV series Anyanwu Ututu.


What type of music do you enjoy?

Traditional Igbo songs. (Laughs) I’m a local girl.

Who are your favorite Igbo musicians?

Osadebe, Bright Chimezie, Ụmụ Obiligbo, Onyenze Nwa Amobi na Ogidi, and many other good ones.

Do you share the view that Igbo cultures are being lost?

Yes, that’s why I’m promoting Igbo Cultures, Traditions and History with my Channel Imeogbe TV.

What do you think is responsible for this?

Civilization has made a lot of us ignore our roots.

Who is your mentor?

My mum.

In what ways has she influenced your career?

In many ways, she is well grounded in Igbo history and she is my prayer warrior.

Apart from her, is there anyone you think you gratitude for your success so far?


What are your biggest challenges with Ime Ogbe?

There is no business without challenges. It was getting my channel monetized last year but thank God.

From all indications, you seem like a very busy woman. How do you relax?

Sundays are usually my off days. I go to the spa with my novel, it’s so relaxing.

Are you married?

I would rather leave my private life out of the public.

If you had not become a TV host, what would you have become?

Tv Host (laughs).

What should your viewers expect from you next?

Finger crossed but it’s deep in Igbo History.

Thank you for talking to

It was nice talking to you.

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