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Arochukwu Speaker moves to promote Igbo language



Arochukwu Speaker moves to promote Igbo language

The leader of 5th Arochukwu legislative Council in Arochukwu LGA of Abia State, Rt. Hon. Austine Emeka Bonny, has proposed a bill to promote Igbo language in the LGA. 

Culture can be described as the characteristics of a people, their pattern and behavior, which defines their identity. 

In Igbo race, Igbo language is one of the basic categories that characterize the people’s culture, hence, the need to promote Igbo language and keep it afloat.

Therefore, the proposed Bill by Rt Hon. Bonny (De Lazz Inc), is worth commending.  Speaking Igbo language during plenaries is a great way to awaken the consciousness of Igbo legislators at all levels of government, to make innovative laws that will continue to promote Igbo language and culture.

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Nnamdi Henry Okereke is a law student of University of Port Harcourt. He's from Arochukwu in Abia State. You can reach him through

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