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Anambra guber poll: Zone slot to Old Nnewi to guarantee equity – Group



Anambra guber poll: Zone slot to Old Nnewi to guarantee equity - Group

Community leaders and stakeholders from old Nnewi Division under the umbrella of Federation of Old Nnewi Division (FOND) has demanded that the 2021 governorship position be zoned to Anambra South Senatorial zone.

National President, Federation of Old Nnewi Division (FOND), Dr. Jude A.P. Okolo stated this at the meeting attended by the Presidents General and other key stakeholders including religious leaders from communities in the old Nnewi Division.

He reaffirmed their stance on the zoning formula in Anambra Political system, calling on all political parties to give more attention to credible aspirants from old Nnewi Division during primaries.

He said, “This measure will ensure that equity and fair play prevail, since Anambra Senatorial zone at inception of Anambra State in August 1991 was made up of the old Aguata, Ihiala and old Nnewi divisions. Later Aguata, Orumba North and Orumba South local governments were carved out from the old Aguata division while Ekwusigo, Nnewi North and Nnewi South local governments were created from old Nnewi Division.

“Ihiala Division was not tampered with. Since old Aguata and Ihiala divisions have been fortunate to have produce Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife and Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju respectively as Governors of Anambra State, candidates from old Nnewi Division should be considered by people of Anambra State on 6th November, 2021 during the election.

“This has been their position since the formation of the body in 2015 but was re-echoed on Saturday 27th March, 2021 during their general stakeholders meeting at the Royal Palace of HRH Igwe Orizu of Nnewi. They insisted that the rotation of the governorship position in the November 6 election remains sacrosanct and not negotiable.

Okolo who stressed that the people of the area were being marginalised in the governance of the State, maintained that old Nnewi Division has remained the goose that lays the golden egg.

He said, “The people of old Nnewi are not happy over calls by some sections of the state to discontinue the zoning adopted to ensure equity and justice and fair play in the management of affairs of the State and to minimize the overheating of the polity during elections.

“The group is purely nonpartisan since membership cuts across political lines and includes non-politicians who are ready to support any political party that hearkens to the cry of the zone in delivering equity and justice fair play by presenting their governorship flag bearers from old Nnewi Division.”

He said that power should return to the south senatorial zone stating that the central had ruled for more than 11 years while Anambra North would complete 8 years by 17th March 2022 whereas the South senatorial zone superintendent over the affairs at Agu Awka for only four years during this fourth Republic.

He posited that it is the turn of Old Nnewi to produce governor if power should return to Anambra South with Ihiala and Old Aguata having produced governors respectively. “This is the 3rd time we are having an opportunity to produce a governor from the south and it should come from old Nnewi Division which is the remaining leg of the tripod that is yet to produce a Governor among the three components of the senatorial zone.

The group said they have been sensitizing their people and also raising their political consciousness since 2015 adding that they don’t have any anointed candidate from any party but their main agenda remains that Old Nnewi should produce the next Governor of the State 

Outlining the benefits, the group said such zoning will avail their neglected areas the opportunity to attract development to some of their communities as witnessed during the previous administrations in the other zones, restating that their intention is not to intimidate anybody but to appeal to the conscience of ndi Anambra to ensure that equity, justice and fair play.

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