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An African Elon Reeve Musk Emerges World Richest Person




49 years old Elon Reeve Musk from Pretoria, South Africa is now the wealthiest man in the universe, according to Bloomberg. This is based on the latest rankings of world richest people which took place in December 2020. learnt that Elon Musk beats Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon and Bill Gates, founder and CEO of Microsoft to take over the enviable position.

His net worth is reported to be $185 billion while that of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are $184 billion and $132 billion respectively.

Jeff Bezos had reigned as the richest person on the planet for three consecutive years. However, Mr. Elon was not even among the fifty richest people in January 2020 when he was worth only about $27 billion.

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But he made more than $120 billion in the last one year, thus, setting a record of making the highest amount of money in one year in human history and as a business man.

He holds the biggest share of 20% in Tesla, a US based electric car company which enjoyed a tremendous growth in recent times and is key to the geometric growth of his income.

McIntosh Chimeziri is a writer for close to a decade. An information and public affairs enthusiast. A husband and father. Contact him on

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