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“Onitsha GRA was inspired or rather “forced” by necessity.”

the founder

Onitsha GRA became a reality after the founder could not find a house to-let in Onitsha, online. While in Lagos, he had wanted to get a house for some relatives, who had in a phone call, complained bitterly to him about their living situation. He had thought he could easily find a new home for them by searching online. But after three grueling hours of searching the internet, the harsh reality dawned on him. Properties to-let are not listed online in a city as commercial and huge as Onitsha!

To cut the story short, he had to come down to Onitsha to look for the house by himself.

It was after that, and a few other experiences, that the thought of digitalizing Anambra state occurred to him.

Hence, the birth of

Onitsha GRA therefore, is a place to find everything in Anambra state…on the internet. It’s a place where residents of the state meet, interact, share news, info, photos, videos, files, promote businesses and services, market products, find jobs, get answers to burning questions. Register or Login to enjoy the members area.

Are you looking for a great restaurant in Anambra state? Looking for a good pharmacy in your area? Or simply need a plumber? Are you looking for where to market those wigs you make? The opportunities offered by Onitsha GRA are limitless.

Important businesses, services, government agencies, etc., are already listed in the Onitsha GRA Directory (OGD).

To add your, businesses, job listings, real estate to sale or rent, classified, etc., Go to the Directory (OGD).

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‘We believe by bringing people together, we can cultivate a kinder world where everyone has friends they can rely on.’ is owned by


Rc Number – 2094969

No 6 Regina Nwankwu Avenue

GRA Onitsha, Anambra State


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