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2023: How Igbos Can Achieve Presidency – Group



IPAN Nigeria

A group, Igbo for a Progressive Nigeria (IPAN) has emphasized the need for Igbo to work harmoniously and to utilize every available opportunity to actualize its aspiration for Nigeria’s presidency in 2023. 

IPAN National Chairman, Lawrence Onuzulike, who stated this in an interview with journalists in Awka, observed that greed, hatred and inconsistency of purpose could thwart the presidential quest of the Igbo in the next poll.

We want a united Nigeria where Igbo will be a part of the scheme without marginalization. We must be loved equally. “

Onuzulike said Igbo should stop begging for presidency and they were not foreigners in Nigeria.

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“Nigeria also belongs to us; we are Nigerians and not black Americans, who are begging to be accepted in America. Who is giving you the presidency? We are joint owners of this country, and should take what belongs to us.

“An average Igbo man thinks his problems are caused by other ethnic groups. No, we need to change this perception. We may have been treated badly during the war, but we must forgive and forget. We preach love every day, but inside us, we don’t love.  We are not getting the development we want because we are fighting ourselves. It is time to reunite and dialogue with others so as to start getting what we want.

“We are tired of being seen as people who are always fighting.  We want to forgive so that whatever development that is happening in any part of Nigeria will also happen in Igbo land.

“This is the time to achieve Igbo presidency. The way to go should be through dialogue, in a peaceful way. We don’t issue threats. We should dialogue to convince others. We need to work together to promote every Igbo in the different parties.”


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1 Comment

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